Thursday, September 27, 2012

Beany has lost not one, not two...but THREE teeth in just 5 days!!! :) I've been calling her my "toothless wonder". She's SO proud of these teeth and was very brave in getting them out. (She still struggles with the sight of blood, since her pneumonia episode in Feb. 2011)
Boy is this smile gonna make a GREAT 2nd grade picture coming up on Monday! I can't even wait!
Shawna & Beany

Sunday, September 16, 2012

I don't even know where to begin! It's been SO long since I've posted on this blog. SO many changes have been made in our lives. I really wanted to keep this blog up, and give my princess something to look back on as she gets older. (Bad Mommy..such a slacker!). Thanks to a little push from my Gramps..I hope to keep things up from now on.
Let's try to give an up-to-date update first. In 2011, I met a wonderful man. Since then he's earned the titles of My Best Friend, My Soul Mate and My Now, Forever & Always...and now I'm lucky enough to call him My Husband! He's a dream come true. He's an amazing Daddy to Adriana. I couldn't have found someone to treat us any better. I also gained a son (Ryan, who will be 18 in November). Life is complete and we really couldn't be happier.
As for Adriana (since this is HER blog after all), She started 2nd grade this September. She's a VERY smart girl. Big hearted, warmest smile, silliest of sillies, yet quiet and shy to new surroundings. She's also started gymnastics this year. So far, she LOVES going! I hope that it brings her the self esteem that Mommy has never had. She truly is the light of my life. The bond that we share is more than I even know how to put into words. This little girl is my life. I did not grown her in my tummy, but I watch her walk around holding my heart in her hands each and every day. I couldn't have been blessed with a more perfect and beautiful (inside & out) daughter.
Again, I'll do my best to keep up! Sorry it's been so long. We've really enjoyed life thus far and hope to continue many happy moments. Below are a few recent photos of my girl.
1st Day of 2nd Grade, September 2012 

My amazing family. God has blessed each of us in SO many ways!
(My husband Eric, son Ryan, Me & Beany, June 2011..Our Wedding Day!)
Just going to throw this one in here too. Adriana had a bout of pneumonia & staph infection in Feb. 2011 and was hospitalized for a total of 9 horrifying days. She then was sent home with a PICC line for 30 days. It was a long month, but I'm so thankful for the doctors, nurses, specialists, medications and everything that it took to get my baby girl back to 100% healthy! It was a VERY scary month, to say the least. We're thankful that God was watching over our princess.

As I said before...I'm going to try to keep things up. Adriana will love to read how much her Mommy loved her when she gets older. :) So, check back again!
Shawna & Beany

Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas!

We hope that this post finds that you and your families had a wonderful Christmas holiday. We had a great year. I must say....probably the best one yet. Adriana was at a perfect age, she just loved everything about Christmas this year. She got SOOOO into it all. She couldn't stand it when she came into my bedroom asking me "Mama, do you think Santa came yet??" and when she noticed that he ate the cookies and milk she left him...oh my! Her excitement was priceless! I'm such a lucky Mama. Anyway..let's get to the fun part. Here's a few pictures from the last few days. Below is Adriana's new favorite past time. She LOVES playing on the computer!! She can work the thing from start to shutdown and everything in between. :) Here's Jason (Rob's son) and Adriana outside playing in the snow. Bless his heart, he pulled her on that sled from the doorway all the way up the huge hill so that they could sled down. He's an amazing little man!
Adriana & Jason
Jason and I. :) He loved playing with my camera, and I had to show him how to set the he was all about us taking pictures! :)
Rob, Jason, Me and Adriana. These three people are what made my holiday one of the best I've had in YEARS. They truly are amazing. I love each and every one of them so very much. They make life worth living, that's for sure. :)
Christmas morning!!!!! Yay! Santa has been here!!! :) He brought Bean a carriage and a horse!
And...ALL of the princesses!! Oh and of course the Princess Kitchen!! (That's the ONLY thing she'd write on her list to Santa. And for 2 months prior to Christmas, if anyone asked what she wanted she'd say "oh, a princess kitchen")
Here she is with her goodies from Santa. She must've been a good girl this year! (There's more unseen gifts under the tree as well)
Merry Christmas from us girlies!
A princess Easy Bake..Thanks Uncle Jason, Erika and Lyllie!
PJ's and a CUTE outfit from Grandpa & Grandma "Holland"..she LOVED that it has a BELT! :)
A princess tea cart set from Nana & Papa
Our CHEF! I LOVE this picture!! :)
A princess night gown! :) (She's definitely my kid. LOVES jammies!!)
Here she is with ALL of her Christmas goodies, scattered thru the entire house. It's a princess fest around here. CRAZY!

Merry Christmas to you and your families. We hope that each of you have a healthy, safe and blessed 2009!

Shawna & AnaBean

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Happy 4th Birthday Beany!

Well, Adriana's 4th birthday has came and went. SO hard to believe that she's FOUR already! It still blows my mind. We spent the morning playing around with her gifts, showering and bathing, then to mail her letter to Santa and to see the BIG Santa (see pic below), Adriana chose McDonalds for lunch and after that we went to hang out with Nana and did some errands and shopping. Then to end the perfect day...Nana, Mommy and Beany had a fabulous dinner at Red Robin where they sung a birthday jingle to Adriana and gave her a special sundae.
Adriana got a princess bike, pixos and a princess aquadoodle from Mommy :) Here she is, in amazement over the gifts after just getting out of bed

Beautiful "butterfly card" and a savings bond. Thanks Grandpa and Grandma Holland! :) We sure miss you guys and wish you had been here to celebrate Ana's birthday with us!
Her shirt reads "good things come in small packages" oh so true! Today, at 4 years old, She measured in at 35" tall. :)
Mommy & The Birthday Princess!
Then we took a trip to see the BIG SANTA!!!!!
Here we are at Red Robin, the waitress was giving Adriana her balloons, her sundae and asking her name and age so they could sing to her :)

She wasn't sure what to think of them all singing. (No, Mommy wasn't embarrassed..she was itching her eye)
Happy 4th Birthday AnaBean! I love you Princess!
...and look forward to another fabulous year! :)
Shawna & AnaBeany

Sunday, December 7, 2008

It's her party, she can cry if she wants to.....

I had Bean's birthday party this past weekend. Here's a few photos for you to enjoy: Below she is excited about her new game (Rhino Rampage)She LOVES her new "light up Ariel shirt"
Here she is, playing with cousin Lyllie

THE Cake....That's Princess Aurora (aka Sleeping Beauty)

And another picture. The cake was a surprise to Adriana, from Rob. I was so proud of him, he made this choice all by himself and Adriana later told me Saturday night that it was her most favorite part of her party day. So...Thanks Rob. You made MY princesses' day!

She wasn't sure what to think about everyone singing "Happy Birthday" to her

Blowing out the candles and making a wish...

I love this picture. She decided that it was her cake and she was just going to dig in! Eat up Birthday Girl!

Just a few short days and my baby girl is going to be FOUR. I can't even believe it. She's just at such a fun age right now. Very curious about EVERYTHING and why things happen and how to dial numbers and how to spell things. Her new favorite toy...the COMPUTER! Yep, she's loving her internet games already! She's becoming quite the pro at this.
I look forward to another fun year, Baby Girl! Mommy loves you!!

Happy Holidays to you and your families!
Shawna & Beany

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hard to believe..

that in just a few short, VERY SHORT, princess will be FOUR! Really...Where in the world did that time go?! I can't believe it. I love this age. Adriana is such a blessing to me. I can't even begin to describe, but you other Mom's will know what I'm talking about. Being a Mom is THE most rewarding, yet challenging, experience that I've ever experienced. I can't wait to see what life has in store for us girls. Adriana brings so much joy into the lives of everyone around her. Even when she does have a snotty 'tude! :)
Anyway, I am currently S-O-L in posting some new pictures. My camera took a dump and I need to get it in to get fixed or replace it. Times are tough with bills, birthday, Christmas and all that jazz coming up. But....we do have new haircut pictures to show you as soon as we get things back up and running! :)
Hopefully we'll be back up and running with photos for the holidays (if not..I'll be one bummed out Mommy!!)
Take care!
Happy Thanksgiving to each and every one of you!!
Shawna & Beany

Monday, November 3, 2008

It's been quite some time....

Well, we'll start with the pictures first....Here's Beany on the steps of our new apartment. She LOVES to play here and give her Mommy slight heart attacks. Stinker!
These got out of order some how, but here she is carving pumpkins with her Papa and trying to feed him the guts of one. YUM, eh Papa?!
My Princess! :)
More pumpkin carving
I'm WAY behind in this posting stuff. Not really much new to report though. Adriana and I moved out of our double wide, into a townhouse in September. I really need some change. Something to make new memories. Something for just Adriana and I. Something to begin OUR new life together. Anyhow....I'm now only about 30 seconds from my place of employment and we LOVE living out here. We do miss being so close to my parents, but we make due and my Mom still watches Adriana each day while I'm at work. So far, so good.
My digital camera took a dive this past week and is now out of commission, so until it's replaced, I won't have any new photos. Hopefully it isn't completely broken, but we'll see, once I get it taken in.
Hopefully I'll be able to update more often. Internet is hooked up now, so I don't have any excuse....right?!
Happy Monday!
Shawna & AnaBean